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Esha Daftari's Photography transition started from the world of graphic design which has given her a keen eye for detail and a good sense of aesthetic balance. Her work is intriguing to the mind and appealing to the eye. She works hard to capture every mood and expression of each subject she photographs and thereby strikes an emotional cord with most.


Having pursued professional photography at a premier photography school in Ooty Light and Life Academy headed by nationally acclaimed photographer Iqbal Mohammed, her fundamentals are strong. Also she trained under an Internationally Renowned American Photographer Jeffery Jacobs ( based in Memphis, USA to understand the advanced techniques of Lighting. Esha is a specialised in Architecture and Interior photographer, she works as a freelance photographer and has worked for several projects with various Architects and Interior designers all over the country, namely from Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Raipur, Chennai, Ahmedabad & Vadodara. 


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" I believe... I am offering my competence and experience, as my work reflects not what I have done but also what I am capable of doing."

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